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things work out in some of the most mysterious ways. after having ended a "relationship" in the worst possible way - things turn around and an (so-far) amazing guy comes into my life and makes me feel like an absolute princess - but not in the way where  he gives me everything i ever wanted in material ways, he's a true gentleman and i have met very few guys like him. the funniest thing is that he's been in my life for a while, we hung out in the same couple circles of friends, but never really thought twice about it. we always flirted and talked when we were near, but he never made a move. he never made a move to me, but come to find out, he was talking to my friends about me, in all the best ways. i couldn't stop smiling when i found this out. i know i fall hard, more times than not, and i may be a sucker for the "bad boys" and not give the goods one a chance, but every once and a while, the good guy really is more appealing, this one is just my type, in ALL ways. Handsome, sweet, respectful, humble and cares about more then just getting drunk and partying. he has a good, stable job, his own car, and house. right now, he's looking like a fantastic package deal, and besides, he doesn't like to let me pay for things. which, i enjoy putting up a little fight to pay, to me, that means he cares enough to actually want to pay and that makes my heart smile... i may be getting way out of hand, and i don't know where this is going, at all, but so far, this is looking very good. way better than the last one at this point too. thank goodness. fingers crossed and hope all keeps going this well.

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